Birds on the move

There have been reports from a few places around Castlemaine of unusual birds appearing recently. Species such as honeyeaters do tend to follow the blossoms as do lorikeets. Blue-faced Honeyeaters have been popping up in local gardens this week. Although not unknown in the area, it is interesting to see more of this species appear.

Blue-faced Honeyeater in a Castlemaine garden this week. It was in the company of a juvenile.

Out Campbell’s Creek way there have been reports of Black Honeyeater, another species of the dry country not often seen this far south. There have been reports as far south as Creswick, Ballarat and Colac in recent weeks – so keep an eye out for this bird as movement is obviously occurring, possibly due to dry conditions further north.

Black Honeyeater at Campbell’s Creek

Also at Campbell’s Creek this week a King parrot has been reported. Strangely, in the same area as the Black Honeyeater. These beautiful parrots are usually seen in wetter habitats, for example around Blackwood and Trentham. Unusual sighting for this area.

King Parrot (male) – a striking bird

Another unusual species that has been rare in the Castlemaine area is Grey Butcherbird. Common in a lot of different areas both north and south of here, it is an unusual sighting locally. However, there have been recent sightings at Mount Alexander and even in a Castlemaine Garden. Their beautiful carolling call in the mornings is quite an experience.

A young Grey Butcherbird on Mt Alexander recently

One of my favourites, the Barking Owl, has been reported on eBird again out Newstead way. Alas I didn’t mange to catch up with this pair as they seem to have moved on already.

A pair of Barking owls

And as an aside of ‘Seen Whilst Birding’ I had fun observing a family of young Yellow-footed Antechinus the other day. Great fun to watch.

Young Yellow-footed Antechinus

6 thoughts on “Birds on the move”

  1. Hullo Damian,
    Fantastic pivs and 3ven better mews of our visitors!
    I did see a Blue faced Honeyeater last week in North Cmne;
    Any news of Scarlet HE’s yet?
    Rosemary Turner

  2. Hi Damian the kids are still seeing a pair of King Parrots at the Steiner School right next to a classroom 🙂

    1. Interesting – I have had reports from Campbells Creek and Harcourt recently. Looks like they are moving in to some extent.

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