Useful bird guides

Photographs – Birds of Victoria

Birds in backyards Bird Finder
Birdlife Australia Find a Bird
Bird calls at Xeno Canto

Local Bird and nature related organizations

Connecting Country
Castlemaine and District Birdlife – Facebook page
Castlemaine Field Naturalists
Friends of Box Ironbark Forests 
Geoff Park – Natural Newstead

Local guides to plants

Wild plants of the Castlemaine District
Eucalypts of the Mount Alexander Region
Mosses of the Dry Forests
Wattles of the Mount Alexander Region

Bird banding information – sometimes you might see  a banded bird. If possible, get the details and report it to one of the sites listed below, depending on the species. Even shore birds such as Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and Red-capped Plovers pop up in this region as do Silver Gulls.

How to report a bird or bat band recovery in Australia – Bird and bat banding
Australasian Wader Study Group – shore birds
Global Flyway Network Australia – Shorebird ecological demographics and conservation
Eastern Yellow Robin Project – some banded birds near Newstead